Co-design our new strategy

Innovation Leadership
We need to adopt the approach of co-design in order to develop a strategy and services that we own collectively...
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Bring back the VLE!

Future workforce Project ideas Something else
Where did the old VLE go? It was hard to use, but at least I knew how to find it....
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Small grants for library projects

Advocacy Celebrating successes Funding Future workforce
We need some small grants programmes for English libraries like the brilliant Public Library Improvement Fund in Scotland - what...
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I want to see CILIP in the papers!

Celebrating successes Community engagement Future workforce Innovation
CILIP should be much more proactive in ensuring that libraries are portrayed positively in the press. We always hear all...
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Public libraries as digital temples

I really think public libraries have an opportunity to position themselves as the go-to providers of help and advice for...
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Make e-books work!

Project ideas
We *really* need a project across UK libraries to find a sensible solution to the problem of lending ebooks. Our...
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Information Literacy training for school librarians

Future workforce Leadership
We really need a UK-wide project which provides information literacy training for school librarians. They have such an important role...
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Libraries UK Advertising Campaign

We need an advertising campaign on billboards and TV! Nobody really understands the amazing things that public libraries are doing...
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Library merch

CILIP needs to develop merchandise for librarians and information professionals! The ALA has an amazing line of merch and they...
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Why not offer bursaries for first-time conference-goers?

Future workforce Innovation
If you really want to help people from diverse backgrounds get more involved in the profession, you should offer bursaries...
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I really like the CILIP website

Celebrating successes
I find the CILIP website really helpful and easy-to-use. I was looking for ways to improve my network and came...
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Hold regular meetings outside London

Community engagement
I think CILIP does too much in London and the South East and not enough in other parts of the...
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Make it easier for Knowledge Managers to Charter

Future workforce
I think CILIP has a real opportunity to help people working in Knowledge Management to achieve Chartership simply and easily...
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